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If you haven’t heard of Hanna Hotchkiss, you’re missing out on a great new artist. She is a young, female artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently resides in London where she works in a variety of mediums and creates a lot of pieces for the fashion industry. Her style is definitely very feminine, but I think it’s still very interesting. It’s not just a “flapper” style either.

I love to see new talent in the art world, and I love Hanna Hotchkiss. She’s a creative young lady who has gone above and beyond in her career. That’s not to say she is all-out flapper in the way that you would like to see, but I think her style is still very interesting and I’m sure alot of people will enjoy seeing her art. Hope you all enjoy.

Hanna Hotchkiss is a new, young artist who recently graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been working in the fashion industry for the past 10 years, and recently made a splash by creating a number of clothing line for the fashion industry called “The Hottest Couture” (check out her website). The Hottest Couture line is a collection of clothing in various categories including lingerie, swimwear, and even fashion accessories.

Here’s hoping she has more big releases coming soon.

Hanna Hotchkiss also works with the Fashion Institute of Chicago. They recently released a video describing the fashion industry, including how they build and maintain their fashion collections.

At any given time there are about 50,000 styles of clothing to be found in the Chicago Metropolitan area. A great portion of that inventory is created by the fashion designers themselves, and the fashion industry as a whole. Hanna Hotchkiss is a fashion designer in Chicago, but her career really began when she attended the Fashion Institute of Chicago. She was asked to create a collection of lingerie as a way to promote the Institute.

Hotchkiss (like many designers) is able to move through life without ever really knowing how her clothing is going to end up. She is very lucky in that she has the ability to make a huge statement with simple alterations. For instance, she can alter her bra strap so it is wider than it is wide. Or she can make a strapless dress more revealing by putting two or three straps on it.

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